Context Sensitive Dynamic Ad Serving

Increase your sales and improve your conversions with the TrueWave contextualised ads. Smart ad serving solutions that allows you to reach the right audience and increase your customer acquisition.

TrueWave Platform

An all-in-one, fully-automated solution for your digital advertising strategy that delivers greater results by making your ads more relevant and personalised to your audience.

We integrate behavioural and contextual data, and use it to display the ads that best match the content and the publishers.

This increases the quality of your impressions, improves your click-through-rate and grows your return on the investment.

How it Works?

Content Relevance

To understand where your audience is and what they are viewing we automatically assess all web, mobile and app content.

Personalised Ads

Dynamic personalization of the ads to make them highly contextual to what your audience is reading

Customer Engagement

Interactive rich media ads to drive higher engagement and build your brand

Insights & Optimization

Actionable insights in an easy-to-use interface for smarter, faster marketing decisions


Data HUB
A real-time data store that integrates online and offline data. Our platform uses semantic technologies to make sense of the content just like humans do. In milliseconds, we’re able to identify the relevant keywords that make up the primary subject matter of the content.
Content Management System (CMS)
A dynamic repository that stores and manages creative assets and campaign metadata.
Personalisation Engine
Data integration, decision making, creatives and media optimization through the use of advanced machine learning algorithms and process logic which ensures that ads are correctly populated.
Ad Server
Enabling delivery of lightweight, personalised ads (including standard ads, dynamic, rich media, HTML5 & mobile) and videos in all formats and for all screens.
A design centre where content developers aggregate data and creatives for deployment of ads in different formats.

Why Us


Our customers use our platform to significantly improve their marketing efficiency and we work closely with them to unlock the value of their vast product data. Our partners use our platform to make more intelligent ad purchasing decisions and greatly improve ROI from their media partnerships.


Make your content relevant and change the nature of your relationship with advertisers. We deliver a powerful, forward-looking platform that never forgets what your ultimate goal is. Our publisher partners use our platform to better monetise their audiences while also increasing CPMs from their advertisers.


Help your clients get more from their marketing spend. Use the our platform to expand your services and wow your clients with really smart ad serving solutions.

Dedicated Support

From your first campaign to your most demanding clients - our team is there to help. We offer 24/7 support and help with platform migration.

Custom Development

Our development team is ready to create and implement custom features for your advertising business's success, expanding your ad serving possibilities.

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