Drive better results for your clients and power your agency’s growth through the TrueWave partner program

Get better value for your clients’ ads

Increase the return on the investment for the ads you run for your clients by making them more relevant and targeted. Know exactly what is working in real time and drive customer satisfaction and stickiness by showing them the real value of what you are doing.

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No more time spent asking Publishers to change Tags

With TrueWave technology one single Tag will work forever on a Publisher’s website and give you total control and visibility over the measurement and tracking of your ad campaigns. You can change all your ads from your own platform without getting the Publishers involved each time. No more frustrating delays while waiting for new Tags to be added, or just using the one you always have and then losing momentum and valuable data about each specific campaign.

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Increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

With the TrueWave platform, you can easily make all your ads contextual and more relevant to the content the viewers are reading on each Publisher’s website. Drive higher quality clicks and better results from all your ads.

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How it Works?

Create your ads

Give one Tag to each Publisher

Analyse in real time how many views and clicks your ads are receiving on each page

Change and optimise your ads throughout the campaign, without ever having to change the Publishers’ Tags

Make your ads contextual in order to make them better fit with the Publishers’ content and increase CTR

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